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Chapter Six...

Okay now that I've had some's chapter six...

The day I go to Hogsmeade with Harry


We go today!

Love, the girl who’s going to Hogsmeade with the hottest boy in school :cough, HARRY cough:,

After the day I went to Hogsmeade with Harry,


I’m sitting in the library in the dark. I had the BEST day with Harry, so now I’m going to tell you about it.

The weather was perfect. I walked outside after changing into a pair of low cut jeans and a pink tank top with a pink sweater. Wow, the sun was out and the sky was blue and a pair of emerald green eyes were staring at me. Yep, couldn’t be better.

Harry: Wow, Gin, you look great. :he holds out his arm, which I take:

Me: Thanks. You clean up pretty well yourself.

He was wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that really should have been illegal.

Harry: Well, shall we? :he opens the carriage door and mock bows: You first, milady.

Me, giggling: Why thank you kind sir.

The entire ride down, we laughed and talked and that’s one more reason to love him. He’s so amazing...

Okay, before I start to drool... oh, too late. Eww... There’s kinda a wet spot on the paper now. sorry

Anyway, so we got to Hogsmead and we headed to Fred and George’s new shop. They opened one in the middle of the summer, so now, I can see them all the time. Oh joy.

Fred, right as we walk in: Gin! Cover up!

George, who was in the back: Gred, what’s- My Good God, Gin!

They both cover their eyes like the idiots they are.

Fred: I’m scarred for life!

Me, I’m red by this time, but before I can yell at them, Harry speaks up: C’mon, lay off her. It’s not her fault your overbearing ways caused her to rebel like this. Psychologically speaking, It’s your fault she’s dressed like this.

Me, happy someone else thinks they’re overbearing: Yes, I’m just reacting to an overprotective set of brothers. Take pity on me.

Fred and George by now were so confused; I swear their eyes were crossed. They exchanged glances and then said: Well, if we stop being so protective, will you wear a bag?

Me: I’m already so set in my ways, nothing you do will stop me.

Harry: Yes, it’s so routine; you’d have to force her to stop.

Fred and George smile, the smile that makes you all nervous, and start to move towards me: That can be arranged...

Harry, being the wonderful guy he is, steps in between us: C’mon, I’ll make sure no one tries to make a move on her. :he smiles wickedly: For a price...

We walked out of there with a bag of assorted "things" that I plan on using in my detention with Snape on Monday.

Harry: Here, :hands me bag: consider it payment for too many years of that. I thought it was just Ron.

Me: Nope, you should see the letters I got from Bill, Charlie and Percy.

Harry laughed. I swear he has the most adorable laugh. His eyes sparkle which makes them look even more amazing. :sigh: I love his laugh.

It was lunch, so we went to the Three Broomsticks. I gasped. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George were sitting at a table. Ron walks in and smiles at me.

Ron: Prepare to get rid of your clothes.

Me, nervous: In your dreams.

Ron shrugs and walks over to their table. I follow.

Me: Now that I can see you all face to face, I am here to tell you something. I cut my hair. I bought new clothes. Yes, for a boy. No I refuse to tell you who he is, you will find out soon enough anyway. You will not meddle in my life or you will be sorry. Very sorry. Stay away from Hogwarts.

Before leaving, I hugged Bill and Charlie. They may be idiots, but I only see them once or twice a year, and they taught me a lot. Like how to throw a punch. It was a useful lesson, that they regretted soon after. I walked back to Harry. "Let’s eat."

We took seats in the back, but with a good view of the prat convention.

Harry: Wow, that must get annoying.

Me: You have no idea.

Harry, gets really quiet on me: Do you wish you didn’t have brothers?

My heart broke. He sounded so vulnerable.

Me: No. They may be prats, but they’re my prats.

Before we could order, Susan Bones walks in, looking for something. Or someone.

Me: Uh, Harry?

Harry: Yea?

I pointed to Susan and Harry makes a funny noise. He grabs my hand.

Harry, who’s holding my hand!: Stay low, be quiet, we’re leaving.

He practically dragged me out the back and slammed me up against a wall when we were outside.

Harry: Do you think she saw us?

He had his body against mine and his face was inches from mine. I couldn’t think.

Me: No.

He smiled and took my hand again. We were on a back road, one I’d never seen before. He kept walking, and I was following numbly because a) He was holding my hand, b) we had been inches apart, c) he was holding my hand, DO WE SEE A PATTERN HERE PEOPLE?!

Anyway, we ducked into a small restaurant, and started laughing hysterically.

Waitress, who appears out of nowhere: Can I seat you?

We looked up in surprise, and before I could say anything, Harry said: Yea, two please.

She smiled and led us to a table in the back, setting two menus in front of our places. She left and we looked them over.

Me: Wow, look at all the food.

Harry: Yea, it all sounds really good too.

Me: I want the... oh, spaghetti! With meatballs!

Harry, looks at me funny: I thought you were on a salad diet.

This morning I had announced I was going on an all salad diet. Blech.

Me, shrugs: Screw salad. They have spaghetti and meatballs! Besides, I’m a girl, I change my mind.

Harry: Okay...

The waitress came back and we ordered. Take a wild guess what I ordered, and Harry ordered the alfredo. The food appeared before us, along with a glass of wine. I guess they didn’t know we were underage.

We ate in silence, at least until we were half way finished.

Harry: Now, we switch.

Me: What?

Harry took my plate and gave me his. Harry: See, now we finish it.

I just looked at him and would have said something, but he flicked a piece of spaghetti at me. This escalated into a full-blown food fight. After we completely emptied the plates, Harry waved his wand and there was no evidence. On the restaurant at least.

Harry: You look cute, covered in spaghetti.


Me, blushing to the roots of my hair: You don’t look so bad in alfredo sauce either.

For some reason, we found this so hilarious; we didn’t stop laughing until we got out of there.

We walked back to the carriages and kept laughing the whole way back. When we finally stopped in front of the castle, he turned to me.

Harry: Thanks for saving me.

Me: No problem, happy to do it.

He suddenly leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Thanks." And he turned to walk inside, leaving me gaping.

Today was AMAZING!

Love, the girl who got kissed (even if it was on the cheek),


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