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Chapter Five...the last one for tonight...

Here you all go...Leave me some nice comments...I had to fight with the stupid LJ thing to post...

I probably should be paying attention but to hell with it! I've been in a crappy mood all day. Everyone's out to get me.
Reasons why my life sucks:
1. As I was walking out of the great hall I tripped over a nonexistent rock and went tumbling into Professor Snape. He took 50 points for my clumsiness and everyone hates me.
2. I definitely didn't do my transfiguration homework so now I have a detention from Professor McGonagall tomorrow.
3. Harry has been snogging with Susan in broom closets.
4. Ron's sent letters to the rest of the prats and called an emergency brothers meeting this weekend in Hogsmeade. (Did I mention that this weekend it a Hogsmeade weekend?)
5. I forgot my French horn at the burrow so I don't have my instrument to play. (Did I mention I play French horn?)
6. Almost every boy likes me at least a little except for Harry!
7. The most embarrassing thing happened at dinner yesterday.
This is what happened...
Ron: Pass the chicken Gin...
Me: Sure
Lav: What are you doing this weekend Gin?
Me: Hogsmeade
I said with food in my mouth. What can I say I'm related to Ron. This is when Harry came in and sat down.
Me: Hey Harry.
I swear he jumped five feet. That kid's reflexes are uncanny. Must be all that Quidditch...
Harry: Hey Gin!
Parvati: Hey Gin this is my new friend Manda. She plays French horn too.
Me: Wow really?
Manda: yeah I'm muggle born and I use to play at my old primary school before Hogwarts!
Me: Wow French Hornys rock!
There was a ringing silence. Not only did I say horny but I kinda yelled it. Harry choked on his pumpkin juice; Mione looked scandalized; and I think Ron fainted.
Oh shit.
Then Professor Snape came over and took 20 points away for saying horny at the dinner table. But then I said,
Me: But Professor, this is the breakfast table as well.
So now my big mouth has me a nonexistent boyfriend and detention all next week! I must gain some self-control.
Things to do:
2. Stop obsessing over the–very-hot-sexy-green-eyed-raven-haired-brothers-best-friend Harry Potter.
3. Remember to yell at Mione for taking my 'girl products'
4. Yell at Ron... that always makes me feel better.
5. Yell at the twins... that helps as well
6. Take more notes in potions so I don't fail
7. Get back at Ronald for being a complete dolt
8. Stop thinking about Harry Potter
9. Stay awake in HOM
10. Get more sleep
And again on the incident at dinner, I swear Harry nearly burst from trying not to laugh. And Hermione! Sheish! I've been given a lecture and a list of words that are not appropriate. It is as follows:
1.      Bloody
2. dolt
3. prat
4. hell
5. horny
6. sex
7. damn
8. bollocks
9. a word that rimes with mitt
10. a word that rimes with duck
11. And some more that I can't remember
I promptly responded by calling Ron a right bastard.
But really if I had a nickel for every time I said one of those words... Well I still wouldn't be rich but I would be richer.
Now I must go. I need Colin to put a cheering charm on me so I can forget my mortification.
Love the girl, who was the first person to have house points taken away for saying horny,

Okay I'm bored. Today we're taking notes or supposed to be taking notes. :wicked grin:
Well Harry's been acting very oddly. This is what happened...
I was walking down to Hagrid's and I saw Harry sitting by the lake.
Me: Hey Harry!
Harry jumped and spun around. Wow he was fast!
Harry: Oh good Gin... I thought... Never mind...
Me: Are you okay Harry?
Harry: Yeah me... I'm fine...
Then some leaves rustled behind him and he spun around wildly.
Me: Uh Harry why are you so jumpy?
Harry: Me? Jumpy? What makes you say that?
Me: Oh nothing...
Harry: Well I need to be going... Do you want to go on a walk later I need to talk to someone about what's been going on lately?
Me: sure Harry. I'll meet you in the entrance hall round 7 okay?
Harry: That would be great Gin.
He said with a smile. I almost fell over.
So that's what happened. Now I need to finish my DADA Homework so I don't have any tonight so I can spend all my time snoggi-I mean talking to the boy I really wish I could snog- I mean talk to...
Love the girl who is going to spend tonight with HP, (No NOT IN THAT WAY! Perv)

To confused and excited to remember
OH MY GOD! Okay I need to relay it in exact order so here it goes...
I met Harry a while ago at the front door.
Me: Hey Harry!
Harry: Hey Gin. Ready?
He asked holding out his arm. I giggled and took it nodding. We walked around for a while just taking... NO snogging... unfortunately. But we did catch Cho Chang and Michael Corrner snogging in a rose bush. We also had a laugh at their expense when Cho got poked by a thorn in the ass and bit Michael's tongue. I'm still laughing... Well not really because that would be weird. But anyway we were walking and I could tell something was really bothering Harry.
Me: Harry what's the matter?
Harry: Nothing... I'm just having problems with this girl...
My heart sank. He wanted to talk about Susan.
Me: Who Harry?
But then out of no where, there was Susan. It was a bit weird actually. She just kinda popped up.
I thought Harry was going to sht his knickers. He froze and then she spoke.
Susan the B-witch: Oh HARRY darling there you are! I've been looking all over for you snicker-doodle.
I almost passed out because I was trying not to laugh.
Harry: I uh walking... um... here...
Susan: Well I just wanted to make plans for Hogsmeade Harry-kins.
Harry nearly passed out this time. He shot me an apologetic look and then spoke,
Harry: I can't go with you Susan. Sorry I'm going with Ginny.
I stood there gaping for a minute but then regained my composure.
Me: Yeah Susan. Do you have a problem with that?
She flicked her hair and left muttering something that sounded like 'she's such a bitch'
Well I turned to Harry and looked at him. He looked back sheepishly.
Harry: Ginny I'm so sorry. It's just that all bloody year so far she's been following me around, pulling me into broom closets, hitting on me...
Me: Don't forget the cute little pet names Harry-kins.
Harry: Oh don't remind me. She called me sweetie pants in front of Professor McGonagall and I swear she was laughing as we walked away.
Me: Well I'm sorry you have so many people who like you. It's hard to be liked isn't it Harry?
I asked him Sarcastically.
Harry: Well I'm sorry I kinda made you do that. I understand if you don't want to go to Hogsmeade with me...
Me: No Harry I'll go... anything to keep your admirers at bay.
So that's how it happened.
Love the girl who's going to Hogsmeade with the boy-who-lived-and-was-born-hot,
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