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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
11:29 am
Chapter 7
Oh la la...I'm updating like crazy! W00T! Anyway here's a new chapter...

11:22 am
Chapter Six...
Okay now that I've had some sleep...here's chapter six...

2:39 am
Chapter Five...the last one for tonight...
Here you all go...Leave me some nice comments...I had to fight with the stupid LJ thing to post...

2:34 am
Chapter Four...
Ladies and Gents...I'm on a posting spree...now that I've figured out this whole LJ thing...it should only take me 30 minutes to post each chapter. :D 

Current Mood: bouncy
2:25 am
Alas chapter three
Oh dears....so sorry for the insane waiting period... I've had exams and other things we all call nonsense while parents call them "important." Anyway, I'm out of school now and finally updating this. Goodness knows it's about time. But on thursday of this week, I'm going to Norris Lake Tennessee and then coming home on sunday and leaving for flordia at 6:00am on tuesday. Then I come home the following sunday and leave for GRAND NYC!!! on monday night! YES! 5 Broadway shows! Shopping! Amazing food!! W00T No PARENTS!!! I'm so excited. Anywho...here's chapter 3...

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Friday, February 17th, 2006
8:50 pm
Chapter Two: Up and Moving
Revamped a bit by me, Missie, while Lain was at her basketball game. Yeah, she had fun. Yes, Missie has no life. She accepts this fact and wishes to move on... now.

So Chapter Two... the convro between Ginny and Ron changes, some reformatting and a wee bit of tweaking. The bad formatting appears... mwhahaha... let's see ff.net get us now.

Ahem... anyway...

Chapter Two: Ginny Begins Her PlansCollapse )
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
7:58 pm
Chapter One: PGGE
In short, PGGE was kicked of Fanfiction.net after a year and a half and over 2,000 reviews. Yeah, we were pretty pissed.

The idea to move to LJ came from shoebox_project (it's a great fic) and their whole fic is here, so go read it! hehe.

We're planning on putting the whole thing here, so you can comment anonymously or hop on over and sign up for an LJ. They are free... [/promotion]

Chapter One: The BeginningCollapse )

PS: Is there anyone who could make us a layout? We'd be eternally indebted to you forever and ever amen...

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